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Deivamagal 26-06-2017 Sun TV Serial 26-06-17 Episode 1269

Deivamagal 26-06-2017 Sun TV Deivamagal 26.06.2017 Tamil Serial Online | Deivamagal 26/06/2017 Sun TV Serial 26th June 2017
Watch Sun TV Deiva Magal 26.06.17 Serial Deivamagal 26/06/17 Latest Today Episode 1269 Online
Deivamagal 26-06-2017 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 26-06-17 Deiva Magal Serial
Synopsis: Deivamagal is the latest offering from Vikatan Tele Vistas, and this series will focus on the life of working women, their role and their contribution to our lives and society in general. Aimed at bringing out the perspective of a working woman – their joys, sorrows, trials and tribulations, etc. This series promises to live up to the expectations created by Thirumathi Selvam, the show it has replaced. Coming from the same team of Thirumathi Selvam, we hope this product lives up to the expectations of the audience and the team delivers an entertaining watch to them. The story revolves around Prakash (Krishna) and Sathyapriya Prakash (Vani Bhojan) “SAKASH” and the challenges both face in their lives.
Deivamagal, the story revolves around the lead pair Prakash and Sathya and how they overcome conspiracies against them within the family and the society problems that arises due to their respective job and position.
Directed By : S. Kumaran
Written By : Amirtharaj
Produced By : Vikatan Televistas Pvt. Ltd
Cast : Krishna, Vani Bhojan, Vennira Aadai Nirmala, SVS Kumar, Surekha, Sabitha Anand, Auditor Sridhar, Rekha Krishnappa, Anuradha, Suhashini, Subramani, Siddanth, Sunitha, Vanitha, Shabnam, Aravind, Prakash Rajan, Sam, Sindhu, Ashok, Udumalai Ravi.

Sun tv Serials, Deivamagal
Sun TV Deivamagal 26th June 2017 Episode 1269 Review/Discussion:

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Kula Deivam 26-06-2017 Sun TV Serial 26-06-17 Episode 653

Kula Deivam 26-06-2017 Sun TV Kula Deivam 26.06.2017 Tamil Serial Online | Kula dheivam 26/06/2017 Sun TV Serial 26th June 2017
Watch Sun Tv Kuladheivam 26.06.17 Serial KulaDeivam 26/06/17 Latest Today Episode 653 Online
Kula Deivam 26-06-2017 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv KulaDeivam 26-06-17
Synopsis: A couple stay together with their children and grandchildren. Problems arise in their close-knit family when the different generations clash with each other.
Directed By : M.Thirumurugan
Produced By : Thiru Pictures
Cast : T. S. B. K. Moulee as Arunachalam, Vadivukkarasi as Alamelu’s mother, Srithika as Alamelu, Satish as Keshav, Rani as Arthi, Raghavan Durairaj as Karunakaran, Shanthi as Mangala, Anil Kundhe as Rohit, Venkat as Nandan, Kannan as Niranjan

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Sun tv Serials, Kula Deivam
Sun TV Kula Deivam 26th June 2017 Episode 653 Review/Discussion:

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Ganga 26-06-2017 Sun TV Serial 26-06-17 Episode 149

Ganga 26-06-2017 Sun TV Ganga 26.06.2017 Tamil Serial Online | Ganga 26/06/2017 Sun TV Serial 26th June 2017
Watch Sun TV Ganga 26.06.17 Serial Ganga 26/06/17 Latest Today Episode 149 Online.
Ganga 26-06-2017 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv Ganga 26-06-17
Synopsis: Follow the lives of the characters as they go about their daily routine while also surviving the twists and turns that life throws at them.

Directed By :
Produced By :
Cast :

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Sun tv Serials, Ganga
Sun TV Ganga 26th June 2017 Episode 149 Review/Discussion:

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Keladi Kanmani 26-06-2017 Sun TV Serial 26-06-17 Episode 679

Keladi Kanmani 26-06-2017 Sun TV Keladi Kanmani 26.06.2017 Tamil Serial Online | Keladi Kanmani 26/06/2017 Sun TV Serial 26th June 2017
Watch Sun TV Keladi Kanmani 26.06.17 Serial Keladi Kanmani 26/06/17 Latest Today Episode 679 Online.
Keladi Kanmani 26-06-2017 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 26-06-17 Keladi Kanmani Serial
Synopsis: Having a prodigal husband and Maya, an autistic young adult, Bhavani leads a troubled life. Her worries about her daughter begin to disappear when Yugi, a young entrepreneur, comes into Maya’s life.
Directed By : O.N Rathnam
Produced By : Cine Times Entertainment
Cast : Sadhana, Shanthi Williams, Aarnav, Sujatha Panju, Kruthika Krishnan, Arnav as Yugendran, Kiruthika Krishnan as Maya, Sadhana (Tamil actress) as Bhavani, Shanthi Williams as Yugendran’s mother, Jai ram

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Sun tv Serials, Keladi Kanmani
Sun TV Keladi Kanmani 26th June 2017 Episode 679 Review/Discussion:

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Valli 26-06-2017 Sun TV Serial 26-06-17 Episode 1322

Valli 26-06-2017 Sun TV Valli 26.06.2017 Tamil Serial Online | Valli 26/06/2017 Sun TV Serial 26th June 2017
Watch Sun TV Valli 26.06.17 Serial Valle 26/06/17 Latest Today Episode 1322 Online.
Valli 26-06-2017 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 26-06-17 Valli Serial
Synopsis: Valli is into a fascinating journey to start fresh hoping to awake in an environment which gives her a fresh lease in life. During this journey she meets many challenges and her life gets more and more complicated as she finds herself in a situation where she has to don a mistaken identity. Valli, a village girl who escapes from her home town because of her uncle’s trouble. The story revolves about her trials she faces in her journey and the courage with which she overcomes them.
Directed By : N. Sundareshwaran
Produced By : Saregama India Ltd
Cast : Vidhya, Rani, Rajkumar, Poovilangu Mohan, Kanya Bharathi, Kavitha, Sunitha, Yuvanraj Nethran, Vietnam Veedu Sundaram.

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Sun tv Serials, Valli
Sun TV Valli 26th June 2017 Episode 1322 Review/Discussion:

Valli series is a story that portrays the courage shown by a small town girl who is very simple and ordinary by the looks. She runs away from the small town due to the troubles caused by her maternal uncle as he tries to get Valli married to a local guy for money.

Valli starts a fascinating journey seeking fresh hopes in life and an environment to suit herself. She hides her own identity in the new environment and tries settling into a new life without any burdens and sorrows. During this period, There comes a new problem which she had never imaged about.

She faces many more challenges from the people where she is now currently and her life becomes more miserable than ever when she was in her small town. The story then takes a high twist and turn and runs into a peachy mood and how Valli shows her courage to manage all those problems and come out of the situation forms the crux of the story.

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Thamarai 26-06-2017 Sun TV Serial 26-06-17 Episode 796

Thamarai 26-06-2017 Sun TV Thamarai 26.06.2017 Tamil Serial Online | Thamarai 26/06/2017 Sun TV Serial 26th June 2017
Watch Sun tv Thamarai 26.06.17 Serial Thamarai 26/06/17 Latest Today Episode 796 Online.
Thamarai 26-06-2017 – Sun TV Serial | Sun Tv 26-06-17 Thamarai Serial 26th June 2017
Synopsis: Thamarai deals with a love story between two people from a middle class household and shows the problems their family members face.
Directed By : M.K Arunthava Raja
Produced By : Radaan Media
DIALOGUE : Prasanna
HEAD OF CREATIVES : Mrs R. Radikaa Sarathkumar
Cast : Neelima Rani, Nirosha, Varadarajan, Sai Prashanth, Sai Latha, Ashwin

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Sun tv Serials, Thamarai
Sun TV Thamarai 26th June 2017 Episode 796 Review/Discussion:

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Naagini 28-09-2016 Sun tv Thriller Serial Nagini 28-09-16 Episode 79

Naagini 28-09-2016 Sun TV Naagini 28.09.2016 Tamil Thriller Serial Online | Naagini 28/09/2016 Sun TV Thriller Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Sun TV Nagini 28.09.16 Supernatural Serial Nagini 28/09/16 Latest Today Nagini Supernatural Episode 79 Online.
Naagini 28-09-2016 – Sun TV Fantasy Serial | Sun tv 28-09-16 Nagini Fantasy Serial

Synopsis: ‘Naagini’ is an intriguing story of revenge revolving around Naagini, an inhabitant of Naglok, or world of snakes. Naagini is shocked when her parents are killed by a ruthless human being to get hold of ‘Naagmani’. To bring her parents back to life, Naagini must bring back the Naagmani. In order to avenge her parents’ death, and to bring the Naagmani back to Naaglok, Naagini takes form of a beautiful girl, and ventures out in search of the culprit. Things do not remain the same for Naagini, now known as Amrutha, when she falls in love with the son of her parents’ murderer. Will Amrutha take revenge and bring back the Naagmani to revive her parents’ life, or will she sacrifice the Naagmani for sake of her love?
Directed By : Santram Varma, Chandni, Niraj, Lalit Marathe, Rakesh Chowdhury
Produced By : Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor
Screenplay : R M Joshi, Neha Singh, Shivani Shah, Ankush Nagpal
Story : Mrinal Jha, R M Joshi, Neha Singh, Ankush Nagpal
Music :
Cinematography : Santosh Suryavanshi, Sarfaraz, Ajay
Cast : Arjun Bijlani, Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan, Sudha Chandran, Manish Khanna

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Sun tv Serials, Aathira
Sun TV Naagini 28th September 2016 Episode 79 Review/Discussion:

Naagini is a new Tamil soap opera and Thriller serial on Sun TV which is dubbed from a Hindi serial Naagin will aired on time slot at 10 P.M. IST it is a prime time serial on Monday through Saturday. The show is preceded by Aathira. This serial is very famous in Hindi Since it is dubbed in Tamil.

Vani Rani 28-09-2016 Sun TV Serial 28-09-16 Episode 1068

Vani Rani 28-09-2016 Sun TV Vani Rani 28.09.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Vani Rani 28/09/2016 Sun TV Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Tamil Drama Sun Tv Vani Rani 28.09.16 Serial Vaani Rani 28/09/16 Latest Today Episode 1068 Online.
Vani Rani 28-09-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv Vani Rani 28-09-16 | Sun tv Radikaa Sarathkumar Serial 28th September 2016
Synopsis: Vanu Rani Serial a story of two sisters who are completely unlike each other and married to two brothers in the same family. This diverse characterization of two sisters will bring you to the edge of the seat as they undergo various troubles, turmoil and tribulations in their lives.
Directed By : A.Ramachandran
Produced By : Radaan Media
Created By : Radhika Sarathkumar
Written By : Pa.Raghavan
Cinematography : Rajesh Alwin
Editor(s) : Ramesh Lal
Cast : Raadhika Sarathkumar, Venu Arvind, Babloo Prithviraj, Shanthi Williams, Ravikumar, Mahalakshmi, Vicky, Arun, Maanas, Nikhila Rao, Guhan, Baby Neha, Neelima Rani, Navya Swamy.

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Sun tv Serials, Vani Rani
Sun TV Vani Rani 28th September 2016 Episode 1068 Review/Discussion:

Twin sisters Vaani and Rani (Raadhika Sarathkumar), after the loss of their parents are brought up by their paternal uncle, Manikkam (Ravikumar). Vani aspires to become a lawyer, therefore Rani sacrifices her education so that Manikkam will make Vani a lawyer. Over the years, Vani passes out as a successful Lawyer and gets married to Bhoominathan (Venu Arvind), a granite businessman, while Rani gets married to Bhoominathan’s stepbrother, Swaminathan (Babloo Prithviraj). Meanwhile, Manikkam’s Son, Manohar (Sivaji Manohar) falls in love with Bhoominathan’s sister, Jyothi (Roopa Shree) and elopes with her, where Rani gets them marrried, which results in several problems, resulting in Vani rani earning the wrath of both their uncle and their mother in law, Angayarkanni (Shanthi Williams), while Vani refuses to speak with Rani thereafter.

Over the years, Vani and Bhoominathan turn out to be very successful, while Rani and Swaminathan are not too successful, since all of Swaminathan’s business turn out to be failures. However they all live together in the same house. Vani has two sons, Surya Narayanan (Arun Kumar Rajan), an unemployed and childlike lawyer and Gautham (Vicky), the college bad boy and troublemaker, while Rani has three children, Saravanan (Maanas Chavali), Selvi (Nikhila Rao) and Thenmozhi (Neha). Problems continue to erupt in the house due to Bhoominathan’s ego against his stepbrother, while the entrance of Anagayarkanni, who is jealous of Vani and Rani’s close relationship despite Vani’s refusal to ever directly address Rani, further worsens the problems, by conspiring against them and trying to separate them. Meanwhile Selvi falls in love and under dire circumstances marries Rajesh (Guhan Shanmugam) with only Vani as a chance witness, causing a rift in the family, and their eventual separation, resulting in Vani and Rani too getting separated. However, Bhoominathan later realises his faults, turns over a new leaf and sends his mother away and tries to get the family together. They get together but live in separate houses. However, problems continue to haunt them in the form of a vengeful Angayarkanni and Jyothi, Devi, Bhoominathan’s ex-business-partner’s daughter who seeks revenge upon him for cheating her father decades ago, and later from Kadhir , a local don while Jyothi’s daughter Poonkodi is involved in a love triangle between Karthi (Rajkumar) and Saravanan. Selvi also faces numerous problems through her father in law, Kaali (Baboos), Alamelu and Shenbagam (Sumangali and Shreedevi), Shiva (Jai Ram) and Geetha, and later on through Kaali’s daughter, Malathy (Minnal Deepa). Also Surya marries Dimple (Neelima Rani) , while Gautham marries Pooja (Navya), who are each hellbent on fighting against each other , also dragging their husbands into the war between them. Pooja and Gowtham go to Kodaikanal and face another big problem while Dimple controls the office along with her uncle. Surya is unable to handle Dimple(Neelima Rani) and Angayarkanni(Shanthi Williams.

Priyamanaval 28-09-2016 Sun TV Serial 28-09-16 Episode 516

Priyamanaval 28-09-2016 Sun TV Priyamanaval 28.09.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Priyamanaval 28/09/2016 Sun TV Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Sun TV Priyamaanaval 28.09.16 Serial Priyamaanaval 28/09/16 Latest Today Episode 516 Online
Priyamaanaval 28-09-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 28-09-16 Priyamanaval Serial
Synopsis: Vikatan’s latest offering that replaces the runaway hit Thendral
Director : Bala Prasad
Writer : Amirtharaj
Producers : Vikatan Tele Vistas Pvt Ltd Chennai India
Cast : Subhalekha, Sudhakar, Praveena, Dharish, Vijay, Vineeth, Aseem, Ravi, Varma, Sri Vidhya, Shivaranjini, Sweety Giri Nilani Karthik Veera Usha Elizabeth Adhithya Subbulakshmi Nandhini

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Sun tv Serials, Priyamanaval
Sun TV Priyamanaval 28th September 2016 Episode 516 Review/Discussion:

Vamsam 28-09-2016 Sun TV Serial 28-09-16 Episode 986

Vamsam 28-09-2016 Sun TV Vamsam 28.09.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Vamsam 28/09/2016 Sun TV Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Sun TV Vamsam 28.09.16 Serial Vamsam 28/09/16 Latest Today Episode 986 Online.
Vamsam 28-09-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 28-09-16 Vamsam Ramya Krishnan Serial 28th September 2016
Synopsis: Vamsam tells the story of twin sisters Archana IAS and Shakthi and how they two and Archana’s husband Ponnurangam must not only protect their family but also unite Bhoomika with Madhan.
Directed By : Arulrai
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : Ramya Krishnan, Sai Kiran, Vijayakumar, Seema, Sakthi Saravanan, Lakshmi, Sandhiya, Priya, Jayashree Rao.

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Sun tv Serials, Vamsam
Sun TV Vamsam 28th September 2016 Episode 986 Review/Discussion:

The original story starts off with Shakthi (Ramya Krishnan) wanting to find her relatives and unite her mother with her uncle Vetrivel Annachi (Vijayakumar) and her father with her aunt Nagavalli (Vadivukkarasi) but in a tragic accident set up by Nagavalli, Shakthi’s parents die and she is the only survivor. She returns to the serial after many episodes and marries Ponnurangam but after a while, it is revealed that since the accident, Shakthi’s twin sister,Archana IAS, separated from her a long time ago, has been acting as Shakthi. She did this because after the accident in which her parents died, Shakthi was very ill, so when she met her twin sister, Archana IAS, at the hospital for the first time, she asks her to act as Shakthi and defeat Nagavalli and protect her family. Archana wanted to reveal her true identity later, but when the police arrest her husband Ponnurangam for Archana’s murder, she is forced to reveal that she is not Shakthi but Archana IAS. After this moment, Ponnurangam and many of the others in Shakthi’s family start ignoring Archana and treating her as an outcast. She is forced to even do house chores. One day, Archana even refuses the Chennai collector post because Ponnurangam told her to do so. Meanwhile, Doctor Madhan, who originally intended to marry Shakthi (actually Archana), but married Bhoomika, dislikes Bhoomika and tries in many ways to first marry Supriya and then later Actress/ Gwaliyar Ilavarasi Myna. He succeeds in marrying Myna even though Bhoomika has a child. Archana is also pregnant with twins, but Ponnurangam donates one of his daughters in the hospital to Solaiyamma and Krishna, husband of Rukmini, who has lost her child 6 times. He does thhs to save Rukmini’s life. Solaiyamma later refuses to give him the child because she wants the 500 crores property of Rukmini. Ponnurangam is torn between getting his child back and telling Archana about all this. Actually, Myna is Bhoomika.