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News @ 8 PM | News7 Tamil | 28/09/2016

News @ 8 PM | News7 Tamil | 28/09/2016

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Naagini 28-09-2016 Sun tv Thriller Serial Nagini 28-09-16 Episode 79

Naagini 28-09-2016 Sun TV Naagini 28.09.2016 Tamil Thriller Serial Online | Naagini 28/09/2016 Sun TV Thriller Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Sun TV Nagini 28.09.16 Supernatural Serial Nagini 28/09/16 Latest Today Nagini Supernatural Episode 79 Online.
Naagini 28-09-2016 – Sun TV Fantasy Serial | Sun tv 28-09-16 Nagini Fantasy Serial

Synopsis: ‘Naagini’ is an intriguing story of revenge revolving around Naagini, an inhabitant of Naglok, or world of snakes. Naagini is shocked when her parents are killed by a ruthless human being to get hold of ‘Naagmani’. To bring her parents back to life, Naagini must bring back the Naagmani. In order to avenge her parents’ death, and to bring the Naagmani back to Naaglok, Naagini takes form of a beautiful girl, and ventures out in search of the culprit. Things do not remain the same for Naagini, now known as Amrutha, when she falls in love with the son of her parents’ murderer. Will Amrutha take revenge and bring back the Naagmani to revive her parents’ life, or will she sacrifice the Naagmani for sake of her love?
Directed By : Santram Varma, Chandni, Niraj, Lalit Marathe, Rakesh Chowdhury
Produced By : Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor
Screenplay : R M Joshi, Neha Singh, Shivani Shah, Ankush Nagpal
Story : Mrinal Jha, R M Joshi, Neha Singh, Ankush Nagpal
Music :
Cinematography : Santosh Suryavanshi, Sarfaraz, Ajay
Cast : Arjun Bijlani, Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan, Sudha Chandran, Manish Khanna

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Sun tv Serials, Aathira
Sun TV Naagini 28th September 2016 Episode 79 Review/Discussion:

Naagini is a new Tamil soap opera and Thriller serial on Sun TV which is dubbed from a Hindi serial Naagin will aired on time slot at 10 P.M. IST it is a prime time serial on Monday through Saturday. The show is preceded by Aathira. This serial is very famous in Hindi Since it is dubbed in Tamil.

Lakshmi Vanthachu 28-09-2016 – Zee Tamil Serial 28-09-16 Episode 423

Lakshmi Vanthachu 28-09-2016 Zee TV Lakshmi Vanthachu 28.09.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Lakshmi Vanthachi 28/09/2016 Zee Tamil TV Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Zee Tamil TV Lakshmi Vanthachu 28.09.16 Serial Lakshmi Vanthachi 28/09/16 Latest Today Episode 423 Online.
Lakshmi Vanthachu 28-09-2016 – Zee Tamil Serial | Zee Tamil tv Lakshmi Vanthachi 28-09-16 | Zee Tamil tv Serial 28th September 2016

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Lakshmi Vanthachu, Zee tamil Serials,
Zee Tamil Lakshmi Vanthachu 28th September 2016 Episode 423 Review/Discussion:

Zee Tamizh yet again brings a unique and gripping family drama “Lakshmi Vanthachu” with a differential and contemporary storyline. Directed by well-known director Suresh Krishna of Annamalai & Baasha fame, Lakshmi Vanthachu is the story of Nandhini, a girl with great Indian values and one who steps forward to help the needy at any point of time. Her life takes a turn when she falls in love with the guy of her choice but ends up marrying another guy due to situational crisis. When she starts loving her in-law’s family and lives life her way, she gets to meet her ex-lover as the brother of her husband. How she handles him and copes with the situation in the family forms the rest of the story. Her intelligent way of handling the problems, finding a solution to it and sculpturing her life beautifully will inspire many. This show promises some outstanding performances from its brilliant star cast and will prove to be yet another show which will succeed in striking a cord in the hearts of its viewers.

Nadanthathu Enna 28-09-2016 – Vijay Tv Program

Nadanthathu Enna 28-09-2016 – Vijay Tv Program | Kutram Nadandhathu Enna 28th September 2016 Show | Nadanthadu Enna Kutramum Pinnaniyum 28-09-16
Watch Vijay TV Nadanthathu Enna Show 28th September 2016 Online At
The hosts try to bring to light some of the unexplored factors surrounding infamous criminal incidents.
An investigative show which probes deep into untold stories & hidden truths, throwing light on incidents which impact society, showcasing issues ranging from social evils to freak happenings.

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Vijay Tv Nadanthathu Enna,Vijay tv shows

Nadanthathu Enna – Vijay tv Show
Stay tuned to Vijay TV to watch Nadanthathu Enna at 10 PM IST.

Periya Idathu Penn 28-09-2016 Jaya TV Serial 28-09-16 Episode 199

Periya Idathu Penn 28-09-2016 Jaya TV Periya Idathu Penn 28.09.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Periya Idathu Penn 28/09/2016 Jaya TV Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Jaya TV Periya Idathu Pen 28.09.16 Serial Periya Edathu Penn 28/09/16 Latest Today Episode 199 Online At
Periya Idathu Penn 28-09-2016 – Jaya TV Serial | Jaya tv Periya Idathu Penn 28-09-16 Serial 28th September 2016

Poo Magal, Jaya tv serial

Jaya TV Periya Idathu Penn 28th September 2016 Episode 199 Review/Discussion:

Vani Rani 28-09-2016 Sun TV Serial 28-09-16 Episode 1068

Vani Rani 28-09-2016 Sun TV Vani Rani 28.09.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Vani Rani 28/09/2016 Sun TV Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Tamil Drama Sun Tv Vani Rani 28.09.16 Serial Vaani Rani 28/09/16 Latest Today Episode 1068 Online.
Vani Rani 28-09-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv Vani Rani 28-09-16 | Sun tv Radikaa Sarathkumar Serial 28th September 2016
Synopsis: Vanu Rani Serial a story of two sisters who are completely unlike each other and married to two brothers in the same family. This diverse characterization of two sisters will bring you to the edge of the seat as they undergo various troubles, turmoil and tribulations in their lives.
Directed By : A.Ramachandran
Produced By : Radaan Media
Created By : Radhika Sarathkumar
Written By : Pa.Raghavan
Cinematography : Rajesh Alwin
Editor(s) : Ramesh Lal
Cast : Raadhika Sarathkumar, Venu Arvind, Babloo Prithviraj, Shanthi Williams, Ravikumar, Mahalakshmi, Vicky, Arun, Maanas, Nikhila Rao, Guhan, Baby Neha, Neelima Rani, Navya Swamy.

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Sun tv Serials, Vani Rani
Sun TV Vani Rani 28th September 2016 Episode 1068 Review/Discussion:

Twin sisters Vaani and Rani (Raadhika Sarathkumar), after the loss of their parents are brought up by their paternal uncle, Manikkam (Ravikumar). Vani aspires to become a lawyer, therefore Rani sacrifices her education so that Manikkam will make Vani a lawyer. Over the years, Vani passes out as a successful Lawyer and gets married to Bhoominathan (Venu Arvind), a granite businessman, while Rani gets married to Bhoominathan’s stepbrother, Swaminathan (Babloo Prithviraj). Meanwhile, Manikkam’s Son, Manohar (Sivaji Manohar) falls in love with Bhoominathan’s sister, Jyothi (Roopa Shree) and elopes with her, where Rani gets them marrried, which results in several problems, resulting in Vani rani earning the wrath of both their uncle and their mother in law, Angayarkanni (Shanthi Williams), while Vani refuses to speak with Rani thereafter.

Over the years, Vani and Bhoominathan turn out to be very successful, while Rani and Swaminathan are not too successful, since all of Swaminathan’s business turn out to be failures. However they all live together in the same house. Vani has two sons, Surya Narayanan (Arun Kumar Rajan), an unemployed and childlike lawyer and Gautham (Vicky), the college bad boy and troublemaker, while Rani has three children, Saravanan (Maanas Chavali), Selvi (Nikhila Rao) and Thenmozhi (Neha). Problems continue to erupt in the house due to Bhoominathan’s ego against his stepbrother, while the entrance of Anagayarkanni, who is jealous of Vani and Rani’s close relationship despite Vani’s refusal to ever directly address Rani, further worsens the problems, by conspiring against them and trying to separate them. Meanwhile Selvi falls in love and under dire circumstances marries Rajesh (Guhan Shanmugam) with only Vani as a chance witness, causing a rift in the family, and their eventual separation, resulting in Vani and Rani too getting separated. However, Bhoominathan later realises his faults, turns over a new leaf and sends his mother away and tries to get the family together. They get together but live in separate houses. However, problems continue to haunt them in the form of a vengeful Angayarkanni and Jyothi, Devi, Bhoominathan’s ex-business-partner’s daughter who seeks revenge upon him for cheating her father decades ago, and later from Kadhir , a local don while Jyothi’s daughter Poonkodi is involved in a love triangle between Karthi (Rajkumar) and Saravanan. Selvi also faces numerous problems through her father in law, Kaali (Baboos), Alamelu and Shenbagam (Sumangali and Shreedevi), Shiva (Jai Ram) and Geetha, and later on through Kaali’s daughter, Malathy (Minnal Deepa). Also Surya marries Dimple (Neelima Rani) , while Gautham marries Pooja (Navya), who are each hellbent on fighting against each other , also dragging their husbands into the war between them. Pooja and Gowtham go to Kodaikanal and face another big problem while Dimple controls the office along with her uncle. Surya is unable to handle Dimple(Neelima Rani) and Angayarkanni(Shanthi Williams.

Sonthangal 28-09-2016 Jaya TV Serial 28-09-16 Episode 218

Sonthangal 28-09-2016 Jaya TV Sonthangal 28.09.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Sonthangal 28/09/2016 Jaya TV Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Jaya TV Sonthangal 28.09.16 Serial Sonthangal 28/09/16 Latest Today Episode 218 Online At
Sonthangal 28-09-2016 – Jaya TV Serial | Jaya tv Sonthangal 28-09-16 Serial 28th September 2016
The show chronicles the life of Puvana, a young and fearless bandit who helps the poor and fights injustice.

Sonthangal, Jaya tv serial

Jaya TV Sonthangal 28th September 2016 Episode 218 Review/Discussion:

Moondru Mudichu 28-09-2016 Polimer tv Serial 28-09-16 Episode 1227

Moondru Mudichu 28-09-2016 Polimer TV Moondru Mudichu 28.09.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Moondru Mudichu 28/09/2016 Polimer TV Serial 28th September 2016
Watch Polimer Tv Moondru Mudichu 28.09.16 Serial Mundru Mudichu 28/09/16 Latest Today Episode 1227 Online At
Moondru Mudichu 28-09-2016 – Polimer tv Serial | Polimer tv Moondru Mudichu 28-09-16 | Polimer tv Serial 28th September 2016

Synopsis: It tells the story of two close sisters, Simar and Roli, who fall in love with two brothers and live together as daughters-in-law in the Bharadwaj household. The story revolves around two sisters, Simar (Deepika Samson) and Roli (Avika Gor), who eventually get married to brothers Prem Bharadwaj (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Siddhant Bhardwaj (Manish Raisinghan).These two sisters are perfect daughter-in-laws of the Bharadwaj family and they solve and handle different unimaginary problems and incidents happens in their lives. Sometimes they even keep themselves in risks to protect their family.
Directed By : Pawan Kumar
Produced By : Rashmi Sharma
Created By : Rashmi Sharma Telefilms
Written By : Rajesh Dubey, Ved Raj, Sudhir Kumar, Sonali Jaffar, Jayesh Patil, Damini K Shetty
Cast : Deepika Samson as Seema, Avika Gor as Rohini, Manish Raisinghan as Siddharth, Dheeraj Dhoopar as Prem, Jayati Bhatia as Nirmala Devi, Falaq Naaz as Jhanvi, Jyotsna Chandola as Sasi, Nishigandha Wad as Sujata, Nimisha Vakharia as Manoranjani, Aniruddh Singh as Dr. Arya, Aryamann Seth as Sandeep, Aadarsh Gautam as Rajendra, Jhanvi Vohra as Karuna, Snehal Sahay as Uma, Vishal Nayak as Shailu, Shweta Sinha as Pavi, Rithvi Jain as Anjali, Shikha Singh as Meghana, Vishal Singh Kashyap as Veeru, Swati Chitnis as Shobha

Moondru Mudichu, Polimer tv Serial
Polimer TV Moondru Mudichu 28th September 2016 Episode 1227 Review/Discussion:

The story revolves around two sisters, seema (Deepika Samson) and Rohini (Avika Gor), who eventually got married to brothers Prem Bharadwaj (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Siddharth Bhardwaj (Manish Raisinghan).These two sisters are perfect daughter-in-laws of Bharadwaj family and They should solve and handle different un imaginary problems and incidents happens in their lives. Sometimes they should even keep themselves in risks to protect their family and then seema goes to kanchipuram thinking that her sister killed the great lawyers wife sukanya and seema and rohini sees eachother in a a camp and rohini meets suganya’s best friend anitha and seema who is acting as suganya comes to know anitha is a spirit of sukanya and tells rohini about it and they help sukanya to find out who killed sukanya .