Poovizhi Vasalile 30-04-2016 Raj tv Serial 30-04-16 Episode 235

Poovizhi Vasalile 30-04-2016 Raj TV Poovizhi Vasalile 30.04.2016 Serial Online | Poovizhi Vasalile 30/04/2016 Raj TV Serial 30th April 2016
Watch Raj TV Poovizhi Vasalile 30.04.16 Serial Poovizhi Vasalile 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode 235 Online. Poovizhi Vasalile 30-04-2016 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Poovizhi Vasalile 30-04-16

Written By : Robin Bhatt, Javed Siddiqui
Produced By : Dhaval Gada, Mahesh Bhatt, Gurudev Bhalla
Distributor : Gurudev Bhalla Productions
Cast : Spandan Chaturvedi as Thenmozhi Madhavan, Sai Deodhar as Kasturi Madhavan, Rajiv Kumar as Madhavan, Tasheen Shah as Kanmani, Sandeep Baswana as Ishwar Rawat, Yash Mistry as Adithya Rawat, Sai Ballal as Annachi Kamalnarayan Rajvanshi, Suhasini Mulay as Shakuntala Rajvanshi, Prachee Pathak as Tejaswini Rajvanshi, Sharanya Bijlani, Vijay Aidasani, Dolphin Dwivedi, Ginny Virdi as Ranjana Rajvanshi, Moni Rai as Manohar Rajvanshi, Dardhan Gurjar / Anmol Jyotir as Suraj Rajvanshi, Prakash Ramchandani, Vineet Raina, Nishikant Dixit, Nisha Pareek, Deep Kaur

Raj tv Serials, Poovizhi Vasalile

Synopsis: The Story of Poovizhi Vaasalile on Raj TV revolves around the gripping life of a girl child ‘Thenmozhi’, who becomes a slave by birth as she was mortgaged by her father to the Village Jamindar to borrow money for funeral of her Grandmother.

Destiny plays a spoil sport in Thenmozhi’s life as her father also dies before her birth itself, thus making her a slave by birth. Thenmozhi and her mother Kasthuri get separated immediately after her birth. However, they get united after seven years at the mercy of the Jamindarin.

The young and talented Thenmozhi sees light in the form of Easwaran, who comes forward to fund her education. However, her happiness is short lived as Easwaran goes to jail for a forged case against him. The rest of the story revolves around how Thenmozhi fights against all odds in her life and emerges victorious…..

Raj TV Poovizhi Vasalile 30th April 2016 Episode 235 Review/Discussion:

Deivamagal 30-04-2016 Sun TV Serial 30-04-16 Episode 911

Deivamagal 30-04-2016 Sun TV Deivamagal 30.04.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Deivamagal 30/04/2016 Sun TV Serial 30th April 2016
Watch Sun TV Deiva Magal 30.04.16 Serial Deivamagal 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode 911 Online
Deivamagal 30-04-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 30-04-16 Deiva Magal Serial
Synopsis: Deivamagal is the latest offering from Vikatan Tele Vistas, and this series will focus on the life of working women, their role and their contribution to our lives and society in general. Aimed at bringing out the perspective of a working woman – their joys, sorrows, trials and tribulations, etc. This series promises to live up to the expectations created by Thirumathi Selvam, the show it has replaced. Coming from the same team of Thirumathi Selvam, we hope this product lives up to the expectations of the audience and the team delivers an entertaining watch to them. The story revolves around Prakash (Krishna) and Sathyapriya Prakash (Vani Bhojan) “SAKASH” and the challenges both face in their lives.
Deivamagal, the story revolves around the lead pair Prakash and Sathya and how they overcome conspiracies against them within the family and the society problems that arises due to their respective job and position.
Directed By : S. Kumaran
Written By : Amirtharaj
Produced By : Vikatan Televistas Pvt. Ltd
Cast : Krishna, Vani Bhojan, Vennira Aadai Nirmala, SVS Kumar, Surekha, Sabitha Anand, Auditor Sridhar, Rekha Krishnappa, Anuradha, Suhashini, Subramani, Siddanth, Sunitha, Vanitha, Shabnam, Aravind, Prakash Rajan, Sam, Sindhu, Ashok, Udumalai Ravi.

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Sun TV Deivamagal 30th April 2016 Episode 911 Review/Discussion:

Aaha Mamiyar Ooho Marumagal 30-04-2015 – Zee Tamil Show Episode 34

Aaha Maamiyar Oho Marumagal 30-04-2016 Zee TV Aaha Mamiyar Ooho Marumagal 30.04.2016 Show Online | Aaha Maamiyar Oho Marumagal 30/04/2016 Zee Tamizh TV Program 30th April 2016
Watch Zee Tamil TV Aaha Mamiyar Oho Marumagal 30.04.16 Show Zee Thamizh Aaha Mamiyar Ooho Marumagal 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode 34 Online At Tamiltvshows.net
Aaha Maamiyar Oho Marumagal 30-04-2016 – Zee Tamizh Show | Zee Tamil Tv 30-04-16 Program Aaha Maamiyar Oho Marumagal 30th April 2016 Show
Synopsis: Every married man’s dream is to strike a perfect balance between his mother and wife as this forms a basis of a mother-in-law (MIL) daughter-in-law (DIL) relationship. Aha Maamiyar Oho Marumagal is an enthralling game show for such MILs and DILs who admire each other, love to hangout to together and have fun time. The show is conceptualized to capture their emotional connect and understanding through various engaging and entertaining rounds as they play the game together along with their man (son/husband).

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Kings of Dance 30-04-2016 – Vijay tv Dance Reality Show

Kings of Dance 30-04-2016 Vijay TV Kings of Dance 30.04.2016 Show Online | Kings of Dance 30/04/2016 Vijay TV Program 30th April 2016
Watch Vijay TV Kings of Dance 30.04.16 Show Kings of Dance 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode Online.
Kings of Dance 30-04-2016 – Vijay tv Dance Reality Show | vijay Tv King of Dance 30-04-16 Program 30th April 2016

Divided into different teams, dance enthusiasts compete with each other to win the coveted title. The show is judged by eminent choreographers and actors from Tamil cinema.

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Kings of Dance 2016 – Dance Reality Show For Dance Teams (Public)
Vijay Tv has come up with a new dance reality show “King of Dance”. Who ever has passion in dancing can participate in the show. All you need is a team of 2 members or more and huge passion for dancing. Also you dont have age limits for this show. So guys pull up your dancing shoes and rock the floor.

Kings of Dance 2016 :
A dream come true for all the dance troupes in Tamilnadu.

The long awaited opportunity for the future stars of Kollywood.

A phenomenal stage to prove the strength of unity.

Talent Hunt For Public:
An open talent hunt for the public.
For the first time in Vijay Television a dance reality show for dance teams.

Team Comprises:
The contestants can join in as a team of (min) 2, 3 or more.

Avail the biggest opportunity knocking your door step.

Age Limit:
No Age Limit

Manvasanai 30-04-2016 Raj tv Serial 30-04-16 Episode 1234

Manvasanai 30-04-2016 Raj TV Manvasanai 30.04.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Manvasanai 30/04/2016 Raj TV Serial 30th April 2016
Watch Raj TV Mann vasanai 30.04.16 Serial Manvasanai 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode 1234 Online. Manvasanai 30-04-2016 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Mann vasanai 30-04-16

Synopsis: Manvasanai serial shows the repercussions of child marriage – from loss of love, life, education, childhood, hopes, dreams, and heart break, which telecasted in Raj TV. The show is set in rural Rajasthan and portrays, among other prevailing social ills, the practice of child marriage. It features Anandi, married at age eight to Jagdish, the only grandson of Kalyani Devi. She is a strict, conservative person, matriarch of a traditional family that lives in the village Jaitsar. Kalyani has two sons, Basant and Bhairon. Basant, the elder son, is a widower. Gehna, the daughter of parents heavily in debt to Kalyani Devi, is forcibly married to him. Initially, there are many differences between the couple due to the age gap and incompatibility but they have a son named Nandu. Bhairon, the second son, is married to Sumitra and has two children, Jagdish and Suguna. Kalyani treats her two daughter in-laws and granddaughter very tyrannically.
Directed By : Sidharth Sengupta, Pradeep Yadav
Created By : Purnendu Shekhar
Written By : Purnendu Shekhar, Gajra Kottary, Rajesh Dubey, Usha Dixit, Raghuvir Shekhawat
Editor : Santosh Singh, Janak Chauhan
Produced By : Sunjoy Waddhwa, Comall Sunjoy W.
Cast : Toral Rasputra, Siddharth Shukla, Shashank Vyas, Sargun Mehta, Roop Durgapal, Surekha Sikri, Anup Soni, Smita Bansal, Satyajit Sharma

Raj tv Serials, Manvasanai
Raj TV Manvasanai 30th April 2016 Episode 1234 Review/Discussion:

Mann Vasanai traces the life journey of Anandi and Jagdish, married in childhood. When they grow up, Jagdish falls in love with Gauri. He marries her after his and Anandi’s divorce against his family’s wishes and later moves out of that household, leaving Anandi alone. Anandi, on the other hand stands on her own feet and becomes independent. She meets collector Shivraj Shekhar whom she later marries. After Jagdish realizes his mistake, he divorces Gauri and returns to his family only to receive the shock of Anandi’s marriage. He meets an illiterate girl named Ganga who also had been a victim of child marriage and being tortured by her in-laws. He helps her break free from her in-laws, supports her so she can fulfill her dreams of becoming a nurse and eventually marries her after he realizes his love for her.

Jai Veera Hanuman 30-04-2016 Jaya TV Serial Episode 282

Jai Veera Hanuman 30-04-2016 Jaya TV Jai Veera Hanuman 30.04.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Jai Veera Hanuman 30/04/2016 Jaya TV Serial 30th April 2016
Watch Jaya TV Jai Veera Hanuman 30.04.16 Serial Jai Veera Hanuman 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode 282 Online At Tamiltvshows.net
Jai Veera Hanuman 30-04-2016 – Jaya TV Serial | Jaya tv Jai Veera Hanuman 30-04-16 Serial 30th April 2016
Take a look at various fascinating tales associated with the life of Lord Hanuman, a Hindu deity.

Jai Veera Hanuman, Jaya tv serial

Jaya TV Jai Veera Hanuman 30th April 2016 Episode 282 Review/Discussion:

Kula Deivam 30-04-2016 Sun TV Serial 30-04-16 Episode 295

Kula Deivam 30-04-2016 Sun TV Kula Deivam 30.04.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Kula dheivam 30/04/2016 Sun TV Serial 30th April 2016
Watch Sun Tv Kuladheivam 30.04.16 Serial KulaDeivam 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode 295 Online
Kula Deivam 30-04-2016 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv KulaDeivam 30-04-16
Synopsis: A couple stay together with their children and grandchildren. Problems arise in their close-knit family when the different generations clash with each other.
Directed By : M.Thirumurugan
Produced By : Thiru Pictures
Cast : T. S. B. K. Moulee as Arunachalam, Vadivukkarasi as Alamelu’s mother, Srithika as Alamelu, Satish as Keshav, Rani as Arthi, Raghavan Durairaj as Karunakaran, Shanthi as Mangala, Anil Kundhe as Rohit, Venkat as Nandan, Kannan as Niranjan

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Sun TV Kula Deivam 30th April 2016 Episode 295 Review/Discussion:

Sindhu Bhairavi 30-04-2016 Raj tv Serial 30-04-16 Episode 1526

Sindhu Bhairavi 30-04-2016 Raj TV Sindhu Bhairavi 30.04.2016 Tamil Serial Online | Sindhu Bhairavi 30/04/2016 Raj TV Serial 30th April 2016
Watch Raj TV Sindhu Bairavi 30.04.16 Serial Sindu Bairavi 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode 1526 Online. Sindhu Bhairavi 30-04-2016 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Sindu Bairavi 30-04-16

Synopsis: Sindhu Bhairavi is a story of two friends – Sindhu and Bhairavi with diametrically opposite backgrounds. Sindhu is the daughter of a maid servant, while Bhairavi is the daughter of the landlord of the same house. Inspite of their economic differences, they become the best of friends. However, jealousy creeps in as Sindhu wins over Bhairavi’s family with her sweet character. Things worsen when Veer, suitor of Bhairavi, falls in love with the good natured Sindhu. Watch Bhairavi as she continously tries to belittle Sindhu and deny her happiness at every turn.
Directed By : Ketan Dubey
Written By : Ajay, Aseem Arora, Kumar Abhishek
Story By : Mitali
Produced By :
Produced By :
Produced By : Pintoo Guha, Rupali Guha
Cast : Tina Dutta as Mahathi Akash Chatterjee, Mrunal Jain as Akash Chatterjee, Sreejita De as Muktha Vishnu Kashyap, Ajay Chaudhary as Vishnu Kashyap, Vaishali Thakkar as Thamarai Ragendra Bharti, Ayub Khan as Jogi Thakur, Rashmi Desai as Bhairavi Raguvendra Pratap Rathore, Gaurav Chopra as Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore, Pyumori Mehta as Divya Jogi Thakur, Chaitanya Choudhury as Kanna Bharti, Pratima Kazmi as Sumitra Devi, Krutika Desai Khan as Dhaksayani Avinash Chatterjee, Varun Toorkey as Sankrant Avinash Chatterjee, Neena Singh as Gomati, Akansha Awasthi as Rohini Pushkar, Bharat Chawda as Yuvraj Veer Singh Bundela/Yuvaan

Raj tv Serials, Sindhu Bhairavi
Raj TV Sindhu Bhairavi 30th April 2016 Episode 1526 Review/Discussion:

Sindhu Bhairavi is a story of two friends Sindhu and Bhairavi. Sindhu is a very sweet girl from a poor family but Bhairavi is opposite to her. Sindhu become beloved by everyone in Bhairavi’s family. Things gone worse when Bhairavi’s boy friend fall in love

Sindhu Bhairavi follows two friends of different economic backgrounds: Sindhu, a maid’s daughter and Bhairavi, a rich daughter of Jogi Thakur. After many circumstances Sindhu goes to jail after killing Avinash. In the mean time, Rathhore and Bhairavi leave Mukta, new born alone. Mukta is taken care by Sindhu and Thamarai. In the jail, Sindhu gives birth to a baby girl, later named Mahathi. There is 18 years leap. Sindhu is released from jail and Bhairavi and Rathore come back. Bhairavi is totally changed now. She is true now. She struggles and makes Sindhu and Veer live together. Mahathi is married off to fake Vishnu (Akash), son of Avinash. He begins to revenge Mahathi. Bhairavi is shot and Sindhu meets with an Accident.Sindhu donates her heart to Bhairavi proving her strong friendship. Now Sindhu dies and Mahathi is unaware of it. After Sindhu’s death Akash starts to love Mahathi gradually. Mahathi comes to know about true face of Akash and she is separated from Akash and now she is at Jogi’s house in Mumbai. Mahathi and asks for divorce but Akash refuses it.

Then Akash comes to Mumbai to call Mahathi back to his house but Mahathi hates him. Akash enters Jogi’s house as a servant for 23 days to compromise Mahathi.

Athirshta Lakshmi 30-04-2016 – Zee Tamil Game Show 30-04-16 Episode 95

Watch Zee Tamil TV Athirshta Lakshmi 30.04.16 Game Show 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode 95 Online.
Athirshta Lakshmi 30-04-2016 – Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamil Tv 30-04-16 Game Program | Athirshta Lakshmi 30th April 2016 Show
Synopsis: Athirshta Lakshmi is a fun-filled game show celebrating womanhood. The show gives women moments to share and cherish. The game plan is a blend of physical endurance, intelligence and luck. The show is completely entertaining packed with loads of gifts loved by women. There are 5 Exciting Rounds, with One Bumper Prize !! and Loads of other prizes !!

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Athu Ithu Ethu 30-04-2016 – Vijay TV Comedy Show 30-04-16 Episode 347

Athu Ithu Ethu 30-04-2016 Vijay TV Athu Ithu Ethu 30.04.2016 Show Online | Athu Ithu Ethu 30/04/2016 Vijay TV Program 30th April 2016
Watch Vijay tv Adhu Idhu Edhu 30.04.16 Show Athu Ithu Ethu 30/04/16 Latest Today Episode 347 program Online At Tamiltvshows.net
Athu Ithu Ethu 30-04-2016 | Vijay TV 30-04-16 program Athu Ithu Yethu 30th April 2016 show
Synopsis: One whole hour of fun with three popular faces as the centerpiece & with one wacky host. A weekly dose of fun, with celebs on set, the motto, be yourself & enjoy the ride!!
Today’s Show Detail:

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