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Jodha Akbar 20-03-2015 Zee Tamil Serial 20-03-15 Episode 254

Jodha Akbar 20-03-2015 Zee Tamil Serial Episode 254
Jodhaa Akbar is an epic drama about a sixteenth century story of the political marriage of convenience between a Mughal emperor Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar and a Rajput princess Jodhaa Bai. The show focuses on how their political marriage brings love between them to an extent that it changed the fate of India. This period drama also portrays the wars of that time along with the relations between the Mughals and the Rajputs. The drama also focuses on the functioning of the queens, the courts, courtesans, the ministers and their influence on the love story of Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar and Jodhaa Bai. The show also highlights on how Mughal emperor Jalal ud-din Muhammad acquires the title of Akbar from the people.

Akbar gets restless after reading the letter regarding Chand Begum and orders Adgah to conduct a thorough search throughout the ashram. Shehnaaz on the other hand continues to misunderstand Akbar and thinks he is responsible for her mother’s disappearance. She decides to enter the prison area to search for her mother.

Arputham Tharum Alayangal 20-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show Episode 88

Watch Zee Tamil TV Arputham Tharum Alayangal 20.03.15 Show 20/03/15 Latest Today Aruputham Tharum Alayangal Episode 88 Online.
Arputham Tharum AAlayangal 20-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamil Tv 20-03-15 Arputham Tharum Alayangal Program
Arputham Tharum Alayangal is a new show which informs the viewers about the details of various temples. It highlights the importance of the temples and the history behind their existence in the place. Today’s episode focuses on the importance of the Ganapathi temple situated at a village named ‘Poonthottam’. Watch the full episode to know more.

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Paarampariya Maruthuvam 20-03-2015 Zee tv Show Episode 626

Paarampariya Maruthuvam 20-03-2015 Zee tv Show Episode 626
Paarmpariya Maruthuvam showcases the viewers the significance of our traditional Medicines.Well known herbs specialist Sakthi Subramaniyam explains the traditional medicines and theirimportance, this makes the viewers to know our medical traditions of Tamilnadu and usage ofthose medicines. This show is on air every Monday to Friday 8.30 Am.

Paarampariya Maruthuvam, Zee tamil tv Show
Herbal specialist Raja Maanikkam shares his knowledge about various traditional medicines through Paarambariya Maruthuvam. Throughout the show viewers will be able to know the importance and benefits of individual items used for the preparation of medicines required for curing the disease. He also shows us the method required for preparing different medicines.

Olimayamana Ethirkaalam 20-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show Episode 1706

Olimayamana Edirkalam 20-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamil Tv Olimayamana Ethirkaalam 20-03-15 Devotional Program | Olimayamaana Edhirkaalam 20th March 2015 Show
Olimayamana Ethirkaalam, hosted by well known astrolger ‘Harikeshnallur’ Venkatraman. He takes the show on a devotional journey and predicts the zodiac signs and its benefits for the day. ‘Kannan Bhattacharya shares about various specialities of the temples, traditions and different holy places.

Olimayamana Ethirkaalam takes the viewers on a devotional journey every morning. Well known Astrologer Harikesnallur Venkataraman predicts zodiac signs movements and its benefits. Devotional guru Kannan Batacharya speaks about information’s of holy places that people would love to know, specialty of various temples, traditions and more are get telecast. Melodious songs are aired to create devotional feeling at every viewers home.

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Home Minister 20-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show 20-03-15 Episode 573

Home Minister 20-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamil Tv 20-03-15 Robo Shankar Game Show Home Minister 20th March 2015 Program
Home Minister, hosted by famous comedian Arvind. This is a fun filled game show which consists of 3 rounds which are totally different. The winner of the show will be awarded a silk sari and the crown Home Minister and other gifts would be given to the runner ups and participants.

Home Minister is exclusively for women , Anchouring by Famous Stand up comedian Aravind . .Women who always focus on family and work and who are busy24/7,are given an opportunity to get rid of those stuffs and are taken to a different world of dance,music and games .home minister is totally out of box and its too colourful for women. This show is conducted in their respective places and the women are encouraged to bring out their inherit talents.Considering games as the main tool,home minister game show consist of 3 main rounds.and as all the 3 rounds are totally different,their interest in the game is triggered.which makes it more the end of game show,the winner is awarded with a lustrous silk saree with the Title HOME MINISTER and other prizes are given.


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Anjarai Petti 20-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show 20-03-15 Episode 1634

Watch Zee Tamil TV Anjarai Petti 20.03.15 Cookery Show 20/03/15 Latest Today Episode Online.
Anjarai Petti 20-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamil Tv 20-03-15 Cookery Program | Anjarai Petty 20th March 2015 Show
Synopsis: Anjaripetti is the most favorite and watched cookery show among all the TV channels in Tamilnadu. This show explores the exotic and authentic food of Tamil Nadu and takes viewers on a journey across Tamil Nadu exploring the various delicacies of Tamil Nadu. Anjaraipetti has segments such as public cooking, tastings, instant cooking, tips, celebrities cooking and Amma Kaimanam. Anjaripetti successfully completed its 1000th episode recently and still stands tall. Show travels to showcase the delicacies of each and every place of South India and brings out mouth watering dishes of these places. This show is aired all day at 1.00 pm.


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Priyamana Thozhi 18-03-2015 – Jaya TV Serial 18-03-15 Episode 42

Priyamana Thozhi 18-03-2015 Jaya TV Priyamana Thozhi 18.03.2015 Tamil Serial Online | Priyamana Thozhi 18/03/2015 Jaya TV Serial 18th March 2015
Watch Jaya TV Priyamaana Thozhi 18.03.15 Serial Priyamaana Thozhi 18/03/15 Latest Today Episode 42 Online At
Priyamana Thozhi 18-03-2015 – Jaya TV Serial | Jaya tv Priyamaana Thozhi 18-03-15 Serial 18th March 2015

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