Home Minister 19-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show 19-03-15 Episode 572

Home Minister 19-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamil Tv 19-03-15 Robo Shankar Game Show Home Minister 19th March 2015 Program
Home Minister, hosted by famous comedian Arvind. This is a fun filled game show which consists of 3 rounds which are totally different. The winner of the show will be awarded a silk sari and the crown Home Minister and other gifts would be given to the runner ups and participants.

Home Minister is exclusively for women , Anchouring by Famous Stand up comedian Aravind . .Women who always focus on family and work and who are busy24/7,are given an opportunity to get rid of those stuffs and are taken to a different world of dance,music and games .home minister is totally out of box and its too colourful for women. This show is conducted in their respective places and the women are encouraged to bring out their inherit talents.Considering games as the main tool,home minister game show consist of 3 main rounds.and as all the 3 rounds are totally different,their interest in the game is triggered.which makes it more competitive.at the end of game show,the winner is awarded with a lustrous silk saree with the Title HOME MINISTER and other prizes are given.


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Paarampariya Maruthuvam 19-03-2015 Zee tv Show Episode 625

Paarampariya Maruthuvam 19-03-2015 Zee tv Show Episode 625
Paarmpariya Maruthuvam showcases the viewers the significance of our traditional Medicines.Well known herbs specialist Sakthi Subramaniyam explains the traditional medicines and theirimportance, this makes the viewers to know our medical traditions of Tamilnadu and usage ofthose medicines. This show is on air every Monday to Friday 8.30 Am.

Paarampariya Maruthuvam, Zee tamil tv Show
Herbal specialist Raja Maanikkam shares his knowledge about various traditional medicines through Paarambariya Maruthuvam. Throughout the show viewers will be able to know the importance and benefits of individual items used for the preparation of medicines required for curing the disease. He also shows us the method required for preparing different medicines.

Olimayamana Ethirkaalam 19-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show Episode 1705

Olimayamana Edirkalam 19-03-2015 – Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamil Tv Olimayamana Ethirkaalam 19-03-15 Devotional Program | Olimayamaana Edhirkaalam 19th March 2015 Show 1705
Olimayamana Ethirkaalam, hosted by well known astrolger ‘Harikeshnallur’ Venkatraman. He takes the show on a devotional journey and predicts the zodiac signs and its benefits for the day. ‘Kannan Bhattacharya shares about various specialities of the temples, traditions and different holy places.

Olimayamana Ethirkaalam takes the viewers on a devotional journey every morning. Well known Astrologer Harikesnallur Venkataraman predicts zodiac signs movements and its benefits. Devotional guru Kannan Batacharya speaks about information’s of holy places that people would love to know, specialty of various temples, traditions and more are get telecast. Melodious songs are aired to create devotional feeling at every viewers home.

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Vamsam 19-03-2015 – Sun TV Serial 19-03-15 Episode 520

Vamsam 19-03-2015 Sun TV Vamsam 19.03.2015 Tamil Serial Online | Vamsam 19/03/2015 Sun TV Serial 19th March 2015
Watch Sun TV Vamsam 19.03.15 Serial Vamsam 19/03/15 Latest Today Episode 520 Online.
Vamsam 19-03-2015 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 19-03-15 Vamsam Ramya Krishnan Serial 19th March 2015
Synopsis: Vamsam Serial tells a story of a women who struggles to find her relatives. Shakthi learns that she has an unknown uncle, mother’s brother, and an aunt, father’s sister, who are at a family feud. She travels to the village disguised as a cook to unite the two extended families together with her nuclear family.
Directed By : K. Rajeev Prasad
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : Ramya Krishnan, Vijayakumar, Seema, Shyam Ganesh, Vadivukkarasi, Rajashree, Vandhana.

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Sun TV Vamsam 19th March 2015 Episode 520 Review/Discussion:

Ponnunjal 19-03-2015 – Sun TV Serial 19-03-15 Episode 457

Ponnoonjal 19-03-2015 Sun TV Ponnoonjal 19.03.2015 Tamil Serial Online | Ponnoonjal 19/03/2015 Sun TV Serial 19th March 2015
Watch Sun TV Pon unjal 19.03.15 Mega Serial Ponnoonjal 19/03/15 Latest Today Episode 457 Online.
Ponnunjal 19-03-2015 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 19-03-15 Pon Oonjal Serial 19th March 2015
Synopsis: Ponnoonjal is a story looking at the struggle of a woman bringing up female children by herself after being thrown out of her husband’s house.
Directed By : R. Ganesh
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : Abitha, Rajkahnth, Vishwa, K.S Jayalakshmi, Sumangali, Santhana Bharathi, Vanaja, Swetha

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Sun TV Ponnunjal 19th March 2015 Episode 457 Review/Discussion:

20-03-2015 – Office Serial

20-03-2015 – Office Serial Vijay TV Show watch Online Free | 20.03.2015 Today Office Serial | ஆபீஸ்!

Today Latest Episode – 510

Office Serial Today Story

Karthik falls debilitated however Raji comes to office without minding it. Vishnu advices Raji to deal with Karthik. Madhavi goes to Karthik’s home and tries to deal with him. Raji gets startled to she discovers Mathavi dealing with Karthi.

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20-03-2015 – Paasa Malar Serial

20-03-2015 – Paasa Malar Serial Sun TV Today show watch online free | 20.03.2015 Today Paasa Malar Serial

Episode – 437

Today Story in This Episode :

He thought and went towards the kitchen. He strolled into the kitchen and exchanged on the light. At that point he went to the ice chest, opened it, and took out a water container. Rapidly, because of his voracious thirst, he drank the entire flask in a couple of swallows. Holding the void container in his grasp, he went to the hall.

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